English robin sitting among flowers

Geometric Birds

Meet Genevieve, the European Bee-Eater.

Genevieve the European Bee Eater

And Hazel, the American Robin.

Hazel the Robin

These beautiful birds were created in Adobe Illustrator with the help of the pen tool and the eye dropper tool.

The process is simple. Start by finding an image you want to recreate, place it in an Illustrator document, then grab the pen tool (Cmd + p) and start drawing polygons. When you close a shape, grab the eye dropper tool (Cmd + i) and select the dominate color underneath that polygon as the fill color.

It’s simple process, albeit tedious and time consuming. But you get fantastic results. 

Next I’d love to try a human face, then design a website using this geometric concept.

Clip-path property FTW! 😉

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