dolphin jumping out of ocean

Aquatic Mammals Art

When I was in 3rd grade, I was informed I would be writing my first research paper. I not sure what had piqued my interest in aquatic mammals at the time, but I eventually settled on blue whales as the topic for my paper.

I did most of my extensive research on using only Internet explorer and a single, kid friendly animal website. I’m pretty sure the website was colorful, with a white background and had a few flashing, but age appropriate, advertisement banners.

Sperm Whale

I know for a fact that the website had a free downloadable coloring page for pretty much every kind of whale, dolphin and porpoise.

I also remember that I was unsuccessful in convincing my mom that printing and coloring all of them would count as research. I think I was picturing including them in my final presentation. But apparently visual aids are not usually included in 3rd grade level research papers.

On a serious note, I didn’t create this are with a specific purpose in mind but I could see them being used to decorate a child’s bedroom, a school room or maybe even a children’s book.

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