Beaumont Trading Post Website Design

Project Type: Website Design

New Website design for Beaumont Trading Post. A local mom and pop shop that sells artisan, vintage and reclaimed furniture. The also cary handmade jewelry, art and soaps.

Start Date: June 2022

This project kicked off in June 2020 and wrapped up by the end of August.

Clients: Ed and Jessica of Beaumont, MS

Initial Needs

In April 2022, Ed and Jessica opened up an adorable shop where they sell a little bit of everything! They needed a website to improve their online presence and give potential visitors an idea of what to expect when they come to the store.

To start, I sketched out a quick plan in Figma. It was my first time using it for this project, but I found it quite easy to pick up and give my thoughts some structure.

Website Design Details

Starting with the header there is a wide angle shot of the store interior, with a very simple navigation menu.

Homepage website design featuring wide angle image of the store interior and definitions of "reclaim" "artisan" and "vintage"

The content on the home page acts as a secondary menu linking to pages that give more detail on what visitors can expect to find in the store.

We wanted to make sure it was easy to find the shops location and get in touch, so a Google map and phone number was essential in the large footer.

In 2021 I set up a sister site specifically for Jessica’s amazing artisan soaps. Shortly after they opened the storefront in 2022. As a result, they decided to close down the online soap store so they could focus on the needs of in-store customers. Their desire to serve their community is so inspiring to me personally! We did leave an option to request a quote for a special order.

For this page we opted to change the content background color and reduce the information from the original soap website down to a few images and lists for the available soaps in each category. Like the rest of the store, stock is limited so specific soap flavors are not guaranteed. In order to keep old traffic that was directed to that domain redirects to this page.

Come Visit!

The site gives visitors a taste of what to expect. So make sure to stop in and have a look around if you are ever in the Beaumont area on a Friday or Saturday.

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